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Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union Data Breach

Recently, Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union (“Bayer Heritage”) detected suspicious activity on its computer network, indicating a data breach. Based on a subsequent forensic investigation, Bayer Heritage determined that cybercriminals infiltrated the inadequately secured computer systems and thereby gained access to sensitive data. The investigation further determined that, through this infiltration, cybercriminals accessed and potentially even removed data containing the sensitive personal information of 61,165 individuals.

Did You Receive a Data Breach Letter From Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union?

The information exposed in the data breach includes, but is not limited to:

  • Names
  • Contact information
  • Social Security numbers

As a result of the data breach, these individuals’ personal and highly confidential information may be in the hands of cybercriminals who can place the information for sale on the dark web or use the information to perpetrate identity fraud.

Murphy Law Firm is investigating claims on behalf of all individuals whose personal and confidential information was potentially compromised in the data breach at Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union. We are evaluating legal options, including a potential class action lawsuit, to recover damages for individuals who were affected by the data breach.

Join a class action lawsuit

If you received a breach notification letter and would like information about your legal rights and options for compensation, please provide your information above or contact us at or (405) 389-4989.